FAMA Team in 2014, has founded the association of citizens FAMA Methodology which through the project School of Knowledge and educational modules using FAMA Collection archives seeking a transformation of education about the war, genocide and urban/civic/cultural resistance into a universal educational model through a unique platform for knowledge transfer. FAMA Methodology contribution to determining the facts, as opposed to the existing political manipulation of history in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region where for decades a war of interpretation has been waged in this region... MORE

The Sixth of April Award 2017

It is our honour to inform you that FAMA Methodology has received the Sixth of April Award 2017 for its contribution in the field of science and education.

'The Sixth of April Award (named in honour of the day of Sarajevo’s liberation from fascism in WWII) is awarded to outstanding individuals, groups and collectives for significant achievements and exceptional works, as it is crucial that such actions contribute to the overall improvement and development of the city of Sarajevo.'

FAMA Collection

The FAMA Projects (created by FAMA Authors/Team in Sarajevo) are considered the world's largest independent Collection of multi-media projects pertaining to the Siege of Sarajevo (1992-1996) and related events in reference to the Fall of Yugoslavia (1991-1999). Over the years, the collection has grown amidst impossible conditions (the siege and post-war transition), in a variety of pioneering concepts, topics and international acknowledgements...

Srebrenica - Mapping genocide and post-genocide society

As our contribution to determining the facts, as opposed to the existing political manipulation of history in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, we are presenting the project/education pack “School of Knowledge: Srebrenica - Mapping Genocide and the Post-Genocide Society”. The education pack was prepared in several formats...

Mapping the Dayton Peace Accords

School of Knowledge: Mapping Dayton Peace Accords project can trace back its origins to 2000, when Miran Norderland and the FAMA Team obtained permission from Ambassador Richard Holbrooke and his publisher Random House to use his book “To End A War” for the creation of the FAMA Album...

Sarajevo Survival Map 1992-1996

The uniqueness of this map among attempts to visualize the history is also due to the uniqueness of the Sarajevo experience: at the end of the twentieth century, a European city came under the longest siege in the history of warfare. For four years people could not get out of the city on which the entire world's media was focused 24 hours a day...

Encyclopedia: ‘The Siege of Sarajevo 1992-1996’

First of its kind compilation of FAMA projects produced between 1992 and 2000. It is the most comprehensive presentation of the daily experience of the Sarajevo siege, with special supplements about the Fall of Yugoslavia and negotiations of the Dayton Peace Accords...

'The Fall of Yugoslavia 1991-1999'

Acclaimed writer and historian Noel Malcolm was impressed by the success in presenting an issue that usually takes 1000 pages – on just one sheet of paper. He praised the succinctness of description of a series of historic events and their adjustment to the historical map format...

‘The Siege of Sarajevo Museum - The Art of Living - FAMA Collection’’

This conecptual project is launching a new way of interacting and learning about the phenomenon of the Siege of Sarajevo by focusing on the Art of Living. The Museum will be a unique depository of human knowledge – where human ingenuity, creativity and intelligence were captured amidst the urban post-cataclysmic real...

‘The Art of Survival’

THE ART of SURVIVAL which the city of Sarajevo mastered during the four-year siege could offer answers to many challenges facing our civilization at the outset of the 21st century – how to survive disasters caused by nature or by humans and how to overcome fear from threats and terror induced by an invisible enemy.